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    Maher Wintersportscamp 2015

    Go, Play, Lead & Be the Change – This was the motto of the 2015 edition of Maher's world famous Wintersportscamp. For four days about 600 children from the houses Blue, Green, Red and Yellow ran, played, sang, danced and fought for the big trophy which was finally given to the yellow House. Disciplines where for example football, cricket, volleyball, walking with the ball, breaking of balloons, fancy dress competition and a lot more.

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    Christmas at Maher

    This year again it was a wonderful Christmas celebration of Maher full of peace, joy and love. On Christmas Eve there was a program at Vadhu Budruk with dance performances and speeches. To this celebration seasonal workers from the lowest caste were invited. People from the higher caste gave them presents which can be seen as a significant step  against the still present caste-system. In front of the Office in Vadhu Budruk there was a beautiful crib built with lot of commitment by the older children. At night time a Catholic mass took place in the main hall.

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    Two Weddings at Maher

    Again two weddings took place in the Maher family.

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