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    The Weddings of Sangita & Gulshan

    On Thursday the 26th of March two of the Maher girls got wed in the main center of Maher, Vadhu Budruk. In a heartwarming ceremony Sangita and Anil as well as Gulshan and Santosh tied the knot. From now on they will go through life united. Maher family wishes both of the couples all the best!

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    Maher Day 2015

    On Sunday, the 1st of February 2, 2015 Maher celebrated its 18th anniversary in Vatsalyadham. Many donors, well-wishers and friends of Maher were part of the celebration.  At this occasion the latest Maher Newsletter was released.

    Furthermore awards were given to Rani Shaikh as the best girl, Laxman Pawar as the best boy, Ratna Mala Tai as the best Housemother, Raju Sakhore as the best social worker and Sister Agnes for being in charge of the best house – Karunyala.

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    Giraffe Award Given to Sister Lucy

    On the 22nd of January Sister Lucy was conferred with the ‘Giraffe Hero Award’ in Delhi.

    In her speech Sister Lucy claimed that the award should be given to the staff of Maher who works tirelessly to help the people Maher rescues make their way to better future. "Many of them are now working as engineers, hospitality experts and management professionals," Sister Lucy said. Also she thanked her staff for assisting her over the years and putting endless trust in her.

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