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    What is the way out of poverty?

    Education is the only way out of poverty. Everyone will agree to this statement. Maher takes care of women and children and tries to provide them a better future through education and constantly learning.

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    Lost boy came to Maher

    This boy was brought by Railway Station Police Pune on 13th May 2014 to Maher. They found him at Pune Central Railwaystation, where he maybe missed a train. He said, his name is Akram and he is Muslim, coming obviously from a well-endowed family. His age is probably around 10 - 11 years. Akram is mentally challenged and behaves like a 2-years-old child. 

    If you recognize this boy, please contact Maher Office (09011086134)! Thank you for your help!




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    An epic day for Maher in Jharkhand

    A special milestone for Maher was laid in Jharkhand on 10th May 2014.

    The project Ma Ka Ghar changed its place and found a new home in the village Chano on a big property. The opening was joined by many friends and well-wishers of Maher, who came to participate and be part of the ceremony.  Bandhu Tirkey (MLA), Mrs. Brenda Howley (well-wisher, donor), Dr. Nicola Pawar (Maher trustee) and of course Sr. Lucy, the founder of Maher, and Hirabegum Mulla, the President of Maher, were all present.

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