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    Information for Donors

    Dear Donors and Supporters of Maher,
    When we receive a donation, we often face a problem due to missing donor information. As a result we are not able to send you a proper acknowledgement. Therefore, we request you to fill out the donation form which you can find below and send it to This way, we can match the donations and send you an acknowledgement as well as related information about Maher by mail.
    Thank you very much!
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    GuideStar Certificate

    Great News for Maher!
    We just received the certificate from Guidestar India.
    Guidestar is collecting and analyzing data from certificated NGO’s and gives trusted information without taking any profit.
    Maher is very grateful to be acknowledged by guidestar.

    Website of GuideStar

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    Letter from a Former Volunteer

    The 17 year old Kate Luebkeman from the USA lived with Maher as a volunteer in November 2014. In an email to Sister Lucy she reflects on her experience and expresses her thankfulness.


    Sister Lucy,


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